ERP EUROPE GROUP was founded in 2003 in the Netherlands to offer service in real estate market. For over 15 years, business has improved between Turkey and the Netherlands then in 2016, ERP EUROPE GROUP moved its head office to İstanbul and began to perform as a company centered in Turkey.

When it entered into the Turkish market, the Group included Investment Consultancy, Project Marketing, Project Development, Architecture and Urban Transformation services within its body and thus increased the number of service policies in a wide variety of markets. ERP EUROPE has adopted the priority of quality, trust and customer satisfaction. It continues its R&D activities in order to introduce new brands to the world from the triangle of İstanbul, Amsterdam and Doha.

The ERP EUROPE GROUP Turkey founders have gathered the approximately 15 years’ of professional experience in the fields of real estate and construction investment under a single roof and have adopted to transform the quality and trust to satisfaction at all times.

The ERP EUROPE Investment Consultancy, which acts with the mission of forming investment channels in Turkey especially for the Gulf and Western European investors, renders long-term professional services which start with the analysis of the investments of the domestic and foreign investors and is involved in the returning process of the investment.

The ERP EUROPE Real Estate, which provides the most professional solutions in a rapid and qualified way to individuals or institutions which want to make purchases or have rentals, always aims to provide high quality service pre-eminently among its major principles.

The ERP EUROPE Project Marketing keeps the sales-related activities in high service standards with an expert team to add value to the value of the construction projects in accordance with the awareness of that the construction projects raising in the new life areas also increases the value of the construction projects in Turkey.

The ERP EUROPE Project Development reaches the most appropriate value in the correct time, and contributes to development of the qualified project with an understanding of boutique service from a to z. The ERP EUROPE Project Development, which adopts the development of qualified real estate projects, provides you rapid solutions by offering the most appropriate and applicable projects into practice by an expert team.

ERP EUROPE Architecture has developed unique and elegant projects for both individuals and corporates with a team of architects who have accomplished many significant projects and follow new trends and technics in the architecture market. The Group’s plans for the future will surely add new values to the architectural structure changes in Turkey.

The ERP EUROPE Urban Transformation, which provides turnkey services in the urban transformation projects with solution partners who are leaders in their own business, prepares the location at which the project is going to be developed to a certain degree that the companies can start the construction directly.

The ERP EUROPE which aims to be a leading world brand globally, continues to build lasting success in the business.