Investment Consultancy

The ERP EUROPE Investment Consultancy provides the most rapid and accurate solutions for the both individual or institutional investments by using the advantage of looking through the eye of the investor. The ERP EUROPE, which aims keeping the risks at the lowest level on the side of the investor in every stage of the investment, also provides the management of the recycling period.

The ERP EUROPE Investment Consultancy, which provides management service to the person, the institutions and the funds in every field within the framework of the investment consultancy, establish its planning which starts with the analysis studies of the appropriate investment criteria on having the investment made on a concept which involves the minimum risk and the provision of the recycling the most optimum periods. The ERP EUROPE Investment, which provides solution for every stage of the investment with the aim of providing investment activities for individuals and institutions through a single channel with the consultants who are expert in their fields, improve its service network globally by means of its solution partners.

The ERP EUROPE Group, which has a foreign investor network predominantly consists of Gulf Countries, the Middle East and Western European investors, the ERP EUROPE Investment Consultancy which carries out meticulous studies with a vision of having individuals, institutions, groups or funds make investments in the most appropriate areas and categories in Turkey, both provide consultancy similarly to the firms that export to these countries in the stage of forming the most correct partnership structure, as well.

The ERP EUROPE Investment Consultancy which provides investment consultancy in the sectors being the Construction and Real Estate in the first place, the Energy, Food, Textile, Tourism, Agriculture, Iron/Steel and the Renewable Energy Sectors, also provides the most reliable solutions to the investors with the leading solution partners for each sector in a professional framework.

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