Project Marketing

The ERP EUROPE Project Consultancy conducts all the process from determination of the target group in the project marketing to the media and public relation studies in the last stage. Regarding the project sales, The ERP EUROPE also carries out all the process from promotion of project and sales materials to the after sales services subsequent to the marketing studies.

The ERP EUROPE Project Marketing, which provides different services focused on increasing the value of the property, provides the target mass to benefit from the project in correct time and conditions by performing special boutique studies oriented towards persons and institutions. Within the framework of high service standards for project, The ERP EUROPE Project Marketing which only found in activities oriented towards having the producers focus on production provides the producers with turnkey solutions in the fields of sales and marketing.

The ERP EUROPE GROUP, which advertising the projects to the national and international investors, carries out the promotion of the projects which comply with the criteria of the investors of the Gulf Countries, the Middle East and the West Europe countries. In case of the compliance of the projects which are agreed on with the investment groups, the ERP EUROPE Project Marketing provides the completion of the sales and rental procedures of the projects in a shorter time before than already planned by forming the channels of collective sales and rentals.

The ERP EUROPE Project Marketing which plans the sales and marketing activities of the projects oriented toward increasing the value of the current project provides the following services in high quality standards and within the framework of international norms.

Project Marketing

  • Creating the Project Concept
  • Determining the Target Mass
  • Planning the pricing policy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Strategy Development
  • Competitor Analysis and Follow-Up
  • Advertisement Studies
  • Campaign Preparation
  • Media and Public Relations Studies

Project Sales

  • Forming the Project Introduction and Sales Materials
  • P&R Studies
  • Forming the Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Sales Team Coordination
  • Team Trainings
  • Project Presentation
  • Second Period Sales and Rental Management
  • The Management of the After Sales Services
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